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6th-8th Grade - Students Lessons and Learning

Students Lessons and Learning


To complete the fillable instructional packets, download and save the file to your device. Open the file from your device and complete the fillable portions. Don’t forget to save your work.


Mathematics Department
Username: 22+ID Number (22123456) 
Password: s+ID Number (s123456)
Site Code: 4831040
English Department
Abdo Digital Bookshelf - Digital Library

Click on “Grade Group” to select Grade Level Resources 


McGraw Hill Study Sync - ELA Textbook

Student Username: Full email address ending with          

Student Password: s+Student ID# (ex. S123456)


UN: 22+Student ID#
Password: s+student ID#
English Student Packets for Download
   See below
Science Department
Social Studies Department

McGraw-Hill Education Online Social Studies Textbook


Student Sign-In Info:

Username: district email address  (if not, use google email address

Password: s123456 (“s” plus their ID#)

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Instructional Software Login Information
If your teacher has informed you that you will be working from Edgenuity. Please login using your Clever Login. See below.
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Edgenuity Login Instructions