Special Purchase Procedures

Wal-Mart & HEB Purchase Orders

Purchase Order should be picked up by person responsible for fulfilling the order. The invoice/receipt referencing the Purchase Order(s) must list only the item(s) and the listed quantities that were included in the purchase order(s). Quantities purchased can be less but never exceeded.


No substitutions or additions to the Purchase Order are permissible. Any deviations are in violation of District purchasing procedures and Board Policy. CH Local states "Persons making unauthorized purchases shall assume full responsibility for all such debts".


Meals, Food & Snacks

When entering a requisition for meals, food or snacks please consider the District’s Child Nutrition Programs for compliance with Texas Public School Nutrition Policy.


Purchasing Card Purchases

See right side of page for Procedures

Contracted Services

The District will contract with individuals or companies for certain services or programs. The term “independent contractor” is used in these instances to denote Non-District personnel performing such services or programs on District property or on behalf of the District. An independent contractor usually maintains an office and usually provides the equipment and materials necessary for completing or performing a service.


The services provided may be subject to competitive procurement depending on the value of the services or program to be provided. As soon as the requirement for the desired services or program is identified, the campus or department should contact the Purchasing Department to determine the proper procurement method.


Computer Hardware, Software and Maintenance Agreements

Requests for computers and related equipment, such as software and maintenance must be coordinated and approved by the Technology Department regardless of funds used. Prior to preparing a requisition, a department should contact the Technology Department to discuss their needs. Once their needs are identified, a requisition should be prepared and submitted for approval.


School Bus Purchases

(See Purchasing Manual)


Leases & Rentals

 Leasing equipment is an option that should be considered when it is to the best interest of the District.



The Board of Trustees of a school district that is considering a construction contract using a method specified by Section 44.031(a) must, before advertising, determine which method provides the best value for the district. The district shall base its selection on criteria authorized to be used under section 44.031(b) and publish in the request for bids, proposals, or qualifications the criteria and the relative weights given to the criteria. The district shall document the basis of its selection and make the evaluations public no later than the seventh day after the date the contract is awarded.