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Transfer Students


The Mission CISD Board of Trustees has adopted a policy that allows children living outside of the school district to attend a Mission CISD school.  A student who resides in another district and desires admission to a Mission CISD school must file an application for transfer. Those applications are available at the Mission CISD Central Administrative Offices located at 1201 Bryce Drive.  Once completed the application must be delivered to the central office. Transfer requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and require approval of the Superintendent or his Designee.

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Mission CISD will be accepting applications for Grade Levels PK3 (limited slots), and PK4 through 12. Transfer applications will be processed on a first-come basis. Enrollment will be frozen when it reaches each grade level’s pre-enrollment limit. All other student transfer requests will continue to be accepted pending eligibility and available space. 

Completing the application does not guarantee a student will be admitted.  The following factors will be considered:

The grade level, class or program requirements of the student seeking admission and the effect of additional students in that grade or program on class size, staffing and facilities.
  • The disciplinary record of the student seeking admission.
  • The attendance record of the student seeking admission.
  • The academic record of the student seeking admission.
  • If known, the parents’ compliance with reasonable district and campus requirements and compliance with district policy.


A transfer agreement must also be executed by the parents of the transfer student which includes the rules and expectations required for the transfer to remain valid.  If the rules and expectations are not met, an interdistrict transfer can be revoked by the district.


Letters will be sent informing each applicant of disposition and at that time, you may register your student at the appropriate campus; you will be required to take all documents required by the campus with you at the time of registration. Documents submitted with the transfer application will not be sent to the campus.


Mission CISD will not provide transportation for transfer students who reside in another school district.  It will be up to the parent to provide transportation to and from the Mission CISD school to which the student is assigned.

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