Mission Consolidated Independent School District

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Changes coming to get students moving more in school


            Mission, Texas- As students in Mission Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) schools begin to settle into their daily classroom routines, don’t count on them settling into the same old routines in P.E. classes this year. Leading into this school year, P.E. teachers and coaches went through a series of trainings designed to shake things up a little.

            “As educators, we are in a position to teach students to become productive and respectful community members while they also learn how to personally implement healthy and fitness lifestyles,” said Martina Carrillo, coordinator for P.E./health. “We can do this through so many different fun activities that improve upon cardiovascular improvements without relying on running a mile each week.”

            The district brought in a number of nationally known speakers to work with P.E. teachers and coaches on nutrition education and support, activities, sports, and some national certifications.

            One such certification will allow the high schools to consider creating a UIL archery competition team. Other items included various activities like zumba, functional training, Body Pump, core exercises, training techniques, and new game ideas.

            “One of our goals is to be able to offer a better variety of classes for junior high school and high school students, beyond the individual and team sports we have relied on,” Carrillo said.

            Trainings also went beyond just instructing the teachers on the activities and sports, but also included lessons on classroom management and goal setting.

            Teachers and coaches did not just sit in lecture halls for their inservice trainings. They went through the physical motions as well. They participated in each of the activities themselves in order to understand the movements, rules, and effects they can have on the body.

            Pictured are some of the P.E. teachers and coaches in just three of the many physical trainings they attended prior to the beginning of the school year.

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