Updated rules for Tom Landry Hall of Fame Stadium

            Mission,Texas- The rules associated with attending events at the Mission Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) Tom Landry Hall of Fame Stadium have been updated for the 2019-2020 school year. Some of the changes are to improve security for competitors and fans.

            The following guidelines are in order to keep our stadium clean and safe:

  1. Fan and Student Guidelines:
  2. Security Staff will be using metal detectors at all entrances randomly throughout the season.
  3. NO backpacks allowed. ALL bags, including purses and fanny packs, will be searched.
  4. NO outside food or drinks when concession stands are held.
  5. NO types of balls (footballs, basketballs, tennis balls, etc.) of any size will be allowed to come through the gates.
  6. Positive sportsmanship expected at ALL times. Those failing to comply with rules and guidelines, will be escorted out of the stadium without a ticket refund.
  7. All fans attending school sponsored events may NOT enter the game without their shirts on and

may NOT take shirts off during the game or function.

  1. Everyone, a year and older, is required to have a ticket. Only high school students are allowed to sit in their designated section with a student ticket and ID.
  2. Umbrellas may be used as long as they do not obstruct the view of surrounding spectators.
  3. Fundraising
  4. Inside-stadium sales are exclusive to high school organizations and designated Athletic Boosters, Band Boosters, Cheer Boosters, Dance Boosters, and ROTC.
  5. Outside food and drinks will NOT be allowed in the stadium when concession stands are held.
  6. ALL fundraising activities within stadium premises must have campus Principal and Athletic Department approval.
  7. Signs / Banners
  8. Only signs or banners approved by Campus Administrators or Athletic Dept. will be allowed

and must be removed immediately after the game.

  1. Signs may not obstruct the view of the spectators.
  2. Individual player signs may be hand held, but may not be displayed at the stadium.
  3. Spirit crews and hand held flags will be allowed to participate during the game with campus approval.
  4. Only authorized personnel will be allowed on the sidelines
  5. Head Coach is in charge of all coaches, players, and managers in their team area.
  6. Athletic trainers are in charge of their student athletic trainers.
  7. Cheerleaders in uniform and Cheer Sponsors are allowed on the track.
  8. Mission CISD Administrators will be allowed on the track with proper ID.
  9. Inflatable tunnels are welcomed at Tom Landry Stadium and personnel will be allowed on the endline to set up prior to the start of the game and halftime, but during the game they must return to the stands. We will let you know where to place the inflatable tunnel.
  10. Students, parents, and private photographers will not be allowed on the sidelines.
  11. News Media with credentials, school photographers and special assignment personnel are permitted with proper identification / sideline pass. Everyone must abide and stand in specified UIL designated areas.
  12. Visiting TV or Radio Stations must contact MCISD Athletic Director, prior to game for location of equipment.
  13. The Athletic Department and Police/ Security Personnel along with campus game Administrators are responsible for enforcing all stadium guidelines.
  14. Guidelines for the Track and Turf:
  15. NO balloons, confetti , streamers, silly string, glitter, rice, or powder of any kind
  16. NO gum or candy of any kind
  17. NO sunflower seeds or shelled nuts of any kind (anywhere in the stadium)
  18. NO food of any kind
  19. NO sports or soft drinks of any kind (water is only allowed)
  20. NO tobacco /tobacco products (anywhere on school property)
  21. NO Noise makers; whistles, air horns, etc.
  22. NO bicycles or skateboards
  23. NO sharp or pointed objects/props of any kind are permitted on field unless heavy protection covers are provided.
  24. NO shoes with pointed heels of any kind
  25. NO glass containers (anywhere in the stadium)
  26. As per UIL regulations, NO spectators are allowed onto the track or field before, during, or after any game. Special events such as parent’s night must be cleared through the AD’s office prior to date.
  27. NOvehicles are allowed on track or field without the permission from the AD.
  28. NO tickets will be refundable or transferable.
  29. NO animals allowed in the stadium with the exceptions of a Seeing Eye Dog or a Canine Officer.
  30. Equipment
  31. All equipment brought into the stadium needs to be rubber-based or rubber tipped.
  32. Sharp edges that may cause damage to the artificial turf shall not be allowed.
  33. Items in question to be used at games or during half time performances must have prior Athletic Department approval.
  34. Guidelines for elevator use:
  35. Elevator will be used only by Administrative Personnel and individuals with prior approval: home coaches, visiting coaches, scoreboard team, announcer, time keepers, board members, individuals with an elevator pass.
  36. An Elevator Pass may be issued through the Athletic Office to an individual who:
  37. Shows proof of mobility disability (Texas DMV issued Parking Placard /or License Plate),
  38. Must sit in top ten rows,
  39. Understands that in case of emergency the elevator will be shut down, patron must go down

      stairs to exit the stadium.

  1. Access is limited to eligible person plus one other person to assist the eligible person.
  2. Must bring a Driver’s License or Texas ID to Athletic Office to produce Elevator Pass.
  3. Understand that access to the elevator may be revoked at any time at the discretion of the


  1. Officers will be monitoring elevator access.
  2. A coach from the visiting school must call, and let us know what time they’ll arrive. Parking will be on the south side of the stadium. There will be a stadium worker ready to show them to the dressing room.
  3. Keep dressing room clean at all times.
  4. Halftime: Home and visiting teams must allow the band to finish performing before coming on the field. Teams may warm up in the end zone and behind the goal posts.



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