Welcome to Mission CISD!


While we know there is a wealth of information about the district to be found in our webpages, we hope you go beyond clicking around and actually pay us a visit. Drop by our schools and see for yourself how our caring campus faculty and staff are preparing students for their futures.


Mission CISD has a strong tradition of excellence that continues in each of our classrooms every day. We offer quality services and programs that no area charter or private school can match.


We work closely with our local business community and cities to develop strong partnerships that are resulting in an added focus on making sure our graduates can choose a path that will not only lead to possible jobs in the area, but also support the economic growth in our community.


Whether you are planning a move to one of the communities we serve, or are about to enroll your child in a school for the first time, we invite you to take a closer look at Mission CISD!


Dr. Carol G. Perez

Superintendent of Schools