The added layer of protection as we disinfect facilities and buses

Mission, Texas- It has actually been an active part of the regular cleaning regime used by the Maintenance Department personnel at Mission Consolidated Independent School District (CISD), for almost three years. In the fall of 2017, Mission CISD began to introduce the use of high-tech, electrostatic disinfection units for use in schools and school buses. 

Since that time, the district now has over 20 of the e-mist units. These germ fighting tools are an important part of the regular cleaning and disinfecting that happens in Mission CISD facilities. They use electrodes to introduce an attractive charge and atomizes the Clorox sanitizing/disinfecting solutions that are used. The charged particles are attracted to surfaces in a way that allows the solution to reach and wrap around surfaces.

“While these have played an important role in helping control the spread of communicable illnesses in our schools and buses the last couple of years, their role seems to take on a whole new level in light of concerns over the possible spread of COVID-19,” explained Ricardo Rivera, assistant superintendent for operations. “While we have used a set schedule for using the e-mist devices in the past, this is always adjusted based upon the need and changing circumstances.”

Rivera stressed that the regular cleaning conducted throughout the day at each Mission CISD facility and school bus also includes disinfection. When the e-mist devices are used, it provides a way to provide an extra layer of protection, especially in some of the tough to reach surfaces.

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