Mission CISD 5th grade students earn high school credit

It is not every day that 49 Mission Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) elementary school students earn Spanish I High School credit. These 5th graders should be commended for getting a jump start on their high school requirements. They participated in the district’s Dual Language Enrichment program and met the criteria that resulted in earning high school credit. Congratulations to the following students for this accomplishment:


Alton Elementary – Mayra Hernandez and Michelle Garcia


Bryan Elementary- Santiago Areas, Anna Ximena Morfin Contreras, and Diego Romero


Castro Elementary- Elizabeth Castillo-Maldonado, Eimy Adame Patlan, and Roberto Saavedra


Cantu Elementary- Emily Flores and Raudel Zapatero


Cavazos Elementary- Angelie Cardona and Santiago Palacios


Escobar Rios Elementary- Jose Azua, Arcadio De la Fuente, Maribel Delgado Perez, and Maria Sanchez


Leal Elementary- Jocelyn Cardenas, Maximiliano Barranco, Jocelyn Cantu-Gonzalez, Bryana Garza, Bayron Rodriguez, Eros Heredia, Debhany De La Torre, and Christopher Cuellar


Midkiff Elementary- Felix Garcia Tijerina


Mims Elementary- Alejandra Rodriguez Garcia


O’Grady Elementary- Valeria Aldrete, Brandon Almazan, Santiago Martinez, Ruben Melendez, and Arlette Puente


Pearson Elementary- Mariel Dominguez, Andy Hernandez, Karla Merla, Aracely Rodriguez, and Guadalupe Cruz Wong


Salinas Elementary- Nicole Cantu, Yulissa Garcia, Jesus Mendoza, Jefferson Moctezuma Gonzalez, Yaritza Mocivais, Cecilia Padron, Alondra Vallejo, Giselle Sanchez, and Janelle Ramirez


Waitz Elementary- Irvin Correa, Michael Heitz, Landon Hernandez, and Anilu Molina


The main goal of the Dual Language Enrichment program is to have students become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural while promoting high academic achievement. Research has shown that bilingual individuals have an easier time with key brain functions such as increasing reading comprehension, developing strong thinking skills, and cultivating cultural awareness.


This program is open to all elementary students but must start no later than the first grade. Students interested in earning high school credit for Spanish I must meet the certain criteria that includes:

  1. Participate in the Dual Language Enrichment program for a minimum of five years
  2. Perform at the Meets or Masters level in STAAR Reading and Math (Spanish or English)
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in Reading and Speaking on the English and Spanish LAS Links Assessment


For more information on the Dual Language Enrichment program please contact the Bilingual Department contact Bilingual/ESL Director Angelina Martinez at (956) 323- 5554.

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