Bee-Bots create a buzz in Mission CISD classrooms


Bee-Bots create a buzz in Mission CISD classrooms 

Mission, Texas – Every year, millions of students worldwide celebrate Computer Science Education with “Hour of Code”. However, Mission Consolidated Independent School District took the challenge a little further by hosting a “Month of Code” challenge. Part of this challenge introduced Bee-Bots into the classrooms.

Using the small programmable robot, the Bee-Bot, helps students understand directional language and early programming. Maria Gomez, Multiage Teacher at Salinas Elementary Fine Arts Academy experienced first-hand her students developing their own sequences, programming the actual device, and sharing their findings with their peers.  

“The students program the robot themselves and are each given specific tasks.” Teacher Maria said. “For example, a student will press the buttons indicating for the robot to start moving. This is where their eyes open because everything the robot is doing is something they had already commanded it to do.” 

The true test came when students took ownership of their roles, successfully navigating the Bee-Bot through the courses with their assigned groups.  

“I really like programming the Bee-Bot,” First Grade Student Lucas Casas shared. “But my favorite part is being the assistant to the robot, to make sure that it’s going in the right direction that we planned.” 

For the teachers, applying these lessons in the classroom in a fun and engaging way has been extremely helpful. First Grade Teacher at Salinas Elementary Fine Arts Academy, Michelle Y Luera, has seen a spark light up in many of her students.  

“I do see my students have sparked that interest and are really connecting with the Bee-Bot and the lessons.” Teacher Michelle shared “Giving these students that exposure to those technical skills, allows them to be able to apply them in the real world to become successful citizens in the future.”  

Bee-Bots is one of many challenges from MCISD’s "Month of Code” contest – a fun and engaging way to teach students in PK- 12th grade about coding. The “Hour of Code” is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. To learn more about the initiative, visit