AMJH FaCE liaison invited to present at Best Practices Expo Live

The inaugural Best Practices Expo Live hosted at the McAllen Convention Center recently had one of our very own as a featured speaker. Alton Memorial Jr. High Family and Community Engagement (FaCE) Liaison, Miguel Moreno, was asked to participate in this event for the work he has been doing at his campus. He has been engaging parents and families in his community and helping them thrive.


“When I was asked to be a presenter at the Best Practices Expo Live, I felt honored that I was invited to be 1 out of 12 presenters from model schools, including Alton Memorial Jr. High that was selected by Region 16 as part of the Title I Part A, Parent and Family Engagement Statewide Initiative,” states Miguel Moreno, Face parent liaison. “I definitely saw this as an opportunity to share the Best Practice that was successful at Alton Memorial Jr. High.”


Moreno provided expo attendees with a presentation entitled Engaging Fathers in their Children’s Education. The session provided information for them to utilize at their campuses or district to help improve family involvement.