VMHS senior Alyssa Guzman officially signs with Texas College

VMHS senior Alyssa Guzman officially signs with Texas College 


Mission, Texas - Veterans Memorial High School athlete, Alyssa Guzman, just signed a letter of Intent with Texas College to compete in softball. She will be headed to Tyler, Texas to join their Steers Softball team. 

Guzman will start her training this fall with the Steers and will be concentrating her academic efforts on obtaining a degree in Biology. Her athletic upbringing and coaches have inspired her to pursue a career in coaching. 

“I’ve played softball all my life, and have had amazing coaches throughout the years,” states Guzman. “I think my whole career has impacted me to want to become a coach.” 

Alyssa is the daughter of Melissa and Julian GuzmanAlyssa and her family are extremely grateful to her coaches, and to everyone that has supported her throughout her softball career. 

“I would like to thank my coaches, Rey and Lino, and my mom and dad. Thank you for everything,” shares Guzman. “I really would like to thank everyone for being here and celebrating with me.”