Mission CISD receives $4 million grant to strengthen school safety measures

Mission CISD receives $4 million grant

 to strengthen school safety measures

MISSION, TEXAS (Dec. 11, 2023) - In a development for Mission Consolidated Independent School District (Mission CISD), a $4,768,497 grant has been awarded to elevate safety and facilities enhancement initiatives over the next two years.

The 2023-2025 Safety and Facilities Enhancement (SAFE) Grant is part of the 88th Texas Legislative Session, where $800M was appropriated towards supporting school systems in meeting the adopted school safety standards.

Addressing the need to prevent school violence and create secure learning environments, the SAFE Grant is poised to be a game-changer for Mission CISD. The primary objective is to implement and adhere to the adopted safety standards as outlined in Chapter 61, Sub-chapter CC, 61.031 of Commissioner's Rules.

This grant is intended to be a step toward addressing factors that put people at risk and protecting them from violence.

Mission CISD Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Carol G. Perez, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "This generous SAFE Grant is a testament to our collective commitment to providing a safe and secure environment for our students and staff. We are grateful for the support, and this funding will significantly enhance our capabilities in ensuring the well-being of the entire school community."

The comprehensive grant will support a range of activities and strategic use of funds aimed at fortifying the security infrastructure within Mission CISD schools. Key elements of the SAFE Grant include:

  • the purchase of fencing materials
  • emergency egress gates
  • anti-scaling devices
  • fence posts, and fencing

Additionally, it allows the district to upgrade any pre-existing fencing to meet safety standards.

For exterior doors, the grant enables the addition of door reinforcement components, mechanical door auto closers, locks, emergency egress push bars, door frames, center mullions, and master key rekeying on mechanical doors.

To secure glass exterior doors not within secured areas, funds will be used for the purchase of forced-entry resistant film and installation materials. The grant also covers the installation of forced-entry resistant film and materials for ground-level exterior windows adjacent to or near exterior doors.

The SAFE Grant further allocates resources for the purchase and installation of silent panic alert technology, along with maintenance/service contracts for silent panic alert technology systems.

To ensure effective implementation, contracted installation services and payroll for Local Education Agency (LEA) maintenance or operations staff installation are part of the grant.

The implementation of these safety measures aligns with the district's commitment to creating a secure and conducive learning environment for students and staff within Mission CISD.

To learn more about the grant please visit: Safety And Facilities Enhancement (SAFE) Grant