Mission CISD and Mission P.D. Collaborate to Promote Safe Spring Break Practices

MISSION, TEXAS (MARCH 8, 2024) - As Spring Break approaches, Mission P.D. and Mission CISD are joining forces to advocate for responsible behavior and safety precautions among young adults during this much-anticipated time of relaxation and recreation. 

"We are asking our young men and young women to not be drinking and driving, not to be using any narcotics and getting behind that wheel," emphasizes Arturo Flores, Public Information Officer for Mission P.D. 


The festivities often associated with Spring Break can sometimes lead to risky behaviors, including the consumption of alcohol. Officer Flores stresses the importance of making responsible decisions, especially regarding drinking and driving.  

"Even one poor decision, such as getting behind the wheel while under the influence, can have devastating consequences," warns Officer Flores. "Every 39 minutes an individual dies behind the wheel because of drunk driving. It is a domino effect, and it will change your life, someone else's life, and those around you.”  


Moreover, Officer Flores highlights the alarming prevalence of fentanyl poisoning among young adults and the inherent dangers associated with trusting substances of unknown origin.  

"The rise in fentanyl-related incidents underscores the critical importance of being vigilant about what substances are ingested," states Officer Flores. 


Cole Butel, Senior Class President at Mission CISD Veterans Memorial High School, echoes the sentiments of caution and responsibility. "If you are under the influence and you might think that you are good to drive - don’t do it," says Butel. "To have fun this spring break you don’t need to be under the influence. Your life is valued. Remember that people miss you and people love you." 

In closing, Officer Flores emphasizes the collective responsibility of the community to ensure the safety of young adults during Spring Break. "If you are a close friend and you do care about someone, take those keys away," affirms Officer Flores. "We need to make sure we protect every life. Every decision you make can change you." 

As Spring Break approaches, Mission P.D. and Mission CISD encourage young adults to enjoy themselves responsibly, exercise sound judgment, and prioritize their well-being. 

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