Mission CISD Board Celebrates Powerlifting Triumphs of Lady Patriots and Lady Eagles

MISSION, TEXAS (MARCH 21, 2024) - The Mission Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) Board Meeting was filled with applause as they honored the recent achievements of the Lady Patriots Powerlifting team from Veterans Memorial High School and the Lady Eagles Powerlifting team from Mission High School. 

Both teams were recognized for their remarkable dedication and success, highlighting the strength and talent within Mission CISD. 

The Lady Patriot Powerlifting Team, under the guidance of Coaches Castaneda, Coach Guerra, and Coach Hernandez, secured an impressive 3rd place overall finish in the state of Texas. Their collective effort propelled them to the top ranks of the highly competitive powerlifting season. 

Individual standout performances further solidified their success. In the 97-weight class, Jackie More claimed the 3rd spot, while Jordin Vasquez secured 4th place in the 242-weight class. Kaitlynn Ocanas emerged as a State Champion in the 132-weight class, showcasing her exceptional skill. Adding to the team's success, Deseray Rodriguez clinched her title as a 3-time State Champion in the fiercely contested 148 class. 

Meanwhile, the Mission High School Lady Eagles Powerlifters made their mark with Samantha Rodriguez's performance. Samantha soared to 2nd place in the state, demonstrating her strength with an impressive squat of 270 lbs., bench of 135 lbs., and deadlift of 275 lbs., totaling an outstanding 680 lbs. Additionally, Karolina Ramos was honored as a State Qualifier. 

The recognition of these athletes and coaches underscores the dedication and support fostered within the Mission CISD community. Their achievements serve as an inspiration to fellow students and athletes, embodying the spirit of excellence. Congratulations to the Lady Patriots and Lady Eagles Powerlifting teams for their outstanding achievements and representation of Mission CISD on the state stage!