Safety First: Mission CISD, one of the first in region to implement new weapon detection software

MISSION, TEXAS (MAY 30, 2024) Mission Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) is now one of the first districts in the region to implement a new weapon detection security software to add to their safety initiatives. 


Mission CISD is collaborating with Angel Protection, a tactical security solutions organization to bring a new form of technology to enhance campus safety. 


During a demonstration at the Mission High School campus, Angel Protection Chief Operating Officer, Carlos Ortiz mentioned how the system uses artificial intelligence to identify weapons in real-time, saving precious seconds during an emergency. 


“In a previous school crisis, it took about 120 seconds from the first gun shot to initiate 911,” Ortiz said. “This is no one’s fault as the calls were made by students or administration who were trying to comprehend the situation. With this system, the technology will already send a clear description of the perpetrator, the time stamp, the location, and other crucial information to local first responders and cut time down to just seconds.” 




According to Mission CISD Director of Technology Systems, Noe Pena, this is a streamlined process to safety. 


“The way it works is our current security cameras we already have on campus get connected to Angel Protection’s servers,” Pena said. “That is how they can detect and identify the weapon, the location, and description of the perpetrator. Then, using a telephone application, Angel Protection will notify our district leadership, local law enforcement, and the district communication dispatch to take action and lock down the campus.”


Mission CISD Director of Safety, Security, and Emergency Management, Martin Castaneda, emphasized the district's commitment to leveraging technology for school safety.


"We must keep up with changing times and technology," Castaneda said. "This software, designed to detect potential weapons, complements the rigorous safety measures we already have in place. We believe it will be a valuable addition to our security protocols."




Castaneda mentioned the other tools Mission CISD currently implements to assure student and staff safety. 


“We believe in being proactive at the district,” Castaneda said. “Because of thisMission CISD has implemented a number of safety and security initiatives and investments.” 


Some of the initiatives and investments Mission CISD carried out in recent years include:


  • Having security guards and designated police officers at every campus.
  • The installation and completion of safety vestibules  at every campus.
  • The installation of silent alert technology systems at every campus.
  • An in-house communications team that oversees an estimated 2,500 security cameras.
  • The installation of ballistic shatter resistance window film at every campus.
  • Consistent active shooter trainings with partnering law enforcement organizations. 


The pilot program has rolled out at several Mission CISD campuses just in time for the new school year.  


Mission High School Principal, Jose E. Mejia II, says the peace of mind that comes from knowing there’s an additional security measure in place for students and staff is priceless.


“To have a sort of ‘big brother in the sky’ looking at someone trying to get on our campus with some type of weapon or something that’s going to harm our students bring assurance to us and helps us out as administrators.”