Mission CISD on-time graduation rates continue to rise

                According to data released by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) this week, the percentage of Mission CISD students who graduate from high school in four years has not only dramatically improved since 2006; the district leads the regional average for on-time graduates.

                The percentage of Mission CISD high school students who graduate in four years has risen from 74.2% in 2006 to 86.3% for the class of 2012. Meanwhile, the percentage of students who graduated, continued to pursue their diploma or earned a GED has remained at about 94%.

                In 2006, the state percentage of students graduating in four years was at 80.4%, while Mission CISD was at 73.5%. For the class of 2012, 86.3% of Mission CISD students graduated in four years, while 87.7% was the state percentage. Both the state and Mission CISD had about 94% of students graduating, continuing to pursue their diploma, or earn a GED in 2012.

                Any Mission CISD students who did not complete their diplomas should consider contacting the Mission CISD Options Academy at 323-3960. The Options Academy offers programs and some flexible hours that can help former students complete their high school credits and prepare for state mandated testing that they may still be lacking.