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VMHS choir students advance to pre-area auditions

                Six Veterans Memorial High School (VMHS) choir students have earned places in the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) region choir and are advancing to the pre-area auditions to be held this month. Prior to this, 16 students had earned spots in the TMEA district choir.

                The students who made the TMEA district choir are: Ashley Alaniz, Alexis Barrientes, Vanessa Cano, Darius Davis, Micaela Lamas, Juan “JT” Lara, Brian Mueller, Katarina Padilla, Raul Rivera, Mark Stuart, Christopher Vargas, Adriel Varlack, Cherish Varlack, Japheth Varlack, Tyler Varlack, Myhra Zarate.

                The six students who are advancing to the pre-area auditions are: Ashley Alaniz, Darius Davis, Brian Mueller, Raul Rivera, Christopher Vargas, Cherish Varlack.

                Vanessa Cano, Micaela Lamas, and Juan “JT” Lara are alternates for the pre-area auditions.

Pictured are the students who made the TMEA district choir. On the top row are: Vanessa Cano, Mark Stuart, Cherish Varlack. On the middle row are: Juan Lara, Darius Davis, Christopher Vargas, Adriel Varlack. On the bottom row are: Japheth Varlack, Ashley Alaniz, Alexis Barrientes. Not pictured are: Brian Mueller, Raul Rivera, Micaela Lamas, Katarina Padilla, Tyler Varlack, Myhra Zarate.

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