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Schools focus on bullying prevention month

               The color orange has been a popular color around Mission CISD (Consolidated Independent School District) schools so far this month. That is because it is the color for National Bullying Prevention Month, which is observed during the month of October.

                Mission CISD schools have provided students and staff with anti-bullying information and trainings for several years, there has been a shift in some of that information.

                “It is no longer just about defining what bullying is and saying, don’t do it,” said Jesse Trevino, coordinator for student services and counseling. “We are also telling students if they see bullying happening, they have a responsibility to report it to an adult on campus because the victim of bullying may not always come forward themselves. Students need to not only understand that bullying behavior is not acceptable, but they play an important role in helping someone who might be hurt by bullying.”

                Trevino said the district does have policies and procedures in place for reporting and investigating reports of bullying.

                The district defines bullying as behaviors that: has the effect or will have the effect of physically harming a student, damaging a student’s property, or placing a student in reasonable fear of harm to students’ person or of damage to the student’s property; or is sufficiently severe, persistent, and pervasive enough that the action or threat creates an intimidating, threatening, or abusive educational environment for a student.

                Conduct is also considered bullying if it: exploits an imbalance of power between the student perpetrator who is engaging in bullying and the student victim through written or verbal expression or physical conduct; and interferes with a student’s education or substantially disrupts the operation of a school.

                A full description of the rules and procedures regarding this are available in the Student Handbook/Code of Conduct, which is available on the district website.

                Pictured are many of the students at Mission Jr. High School who recently gathered for a group picture, wearing special t-shirts with the message; Bullying Stops Here.

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