Tom Landry Stadium turf reflects national distinction

                When the two football programs of Mission CISD (Consolidated Independent School District) take to the field at Tom Landry Stadium for the first official game of the 2014 football season, they will be playing on one of the most unique high school football fields in the country.

                When the decision was made earlier this year to replace the grass fields at Tom Landry Stadium with artificial turf, the decision was also made to have it reflect the fact that it is the home of the Pro Football Hometown Hall of Famer, Tom Landry. Last fall, Mission High School became an official Hometown Hall of Famer location by the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

                “We not only wanted to provide our athletes with the best turf field,” said Ricardo López, superintendent.  “It was also important to our Board of Trustees that Tom Landry Stadium be a place that our student athletes would be proud to call home. Tom Landry Stadium is now the only high school football field in the country outside of Canton, Ohio (home of the Pro Football Hal of Fame) to have permission to use the official Hall of Fame logo as a part of its playing field.  This field symbolizes the past, present, and future legendary achievements of our students.  This unique field is the envy of football programs across Texas and our students deserve this distinction.”

                López also said other improvements are being planned for the stadium to address the needs of the fans who attend games.  He also said the stadium will have two new statues representing the Eagles and Patriots in place before the first big game between the two schools. “It is important Tom Landry Stadium feel like home for both of our athletic programs as much as possible,” López added.

                Mission CISD officials are planning an official ribbon cutting ceremony as a part of pre-game activities on August 29. This game pits the cross-town rivals, Mission High School Eagles against the Veterans Memorial High School Patriots. This will be the first regular season game played on the new field and will also be the first big chance for fans to see the field, in person.  This cross-town game is usually very well attended. Kick-off is scheduled for 7:30 p.m.

                The new turf at Tom Landry Stadium was a part of a turf and track replacement project that also took place at Veterans Memorial High School during the summer months.  Total cost of the turf and track projects was $2.8 million. This replaced the grass fields with artificial turf and replaced aging running tracks at Tom Landry Stadium and the Patriot Stadium.

                Pictured is the 50-yard line at Tom Landry Stadium.

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