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Mission Collegiate High School has first students earn college certifications


                Mission, Texas- The number of Mission CISD (Consolidated Independent School District) students earning the right to participate in graduation ceremonies at South Texas College (STC) has increased quite a bit this year. This year, Mission Collegiate High School will have 60 of its juniors walk at the STC ceremonies, after earning their certifications as multimedia specialists. These juniors will be the school’s first to earn this honor. The campus currently serves students in grades 9-11, and will expand into grades 9-12 next school year, when many of these students may also earn Associate’s Degrees from STC. 

                The students from MCHS who are the first to earn the right to participate in STC graduation ceremonies are:

Jesus Alvarez, Leonardo Anguiano, Francisco Aniceto, Karlee Brooks, Estefani Chavez, Ashley Chavez, Alexa Colunga, Esmeralda Conde, Hunter De La Garza, Jose De Leon, Enrique Elizondo, Josephine Espino, John Espinoza, Jose Espinoza, Adrian Fraide, Adan Gallardo, Juan Gamez, Andrea Garcia, Jasmine Garcia, Gloria Garza, Leonel Garza, Alyssa Garza, Dayana Garza, Esperanza Garza, Juan Gonzalez, Cosmo Gonzalez, Mayshelly Gonzalez, Jennifer Gracia, Adrian Guerra, Miriam Guerrero, Rodolfo Gutierrez, Roberto Gutierrez, Paola Hernandez, Alejandra Jimnenez, Gerardo Lopez, Jonathan Lopez, Leonardo Maldonado, Alexandra Martinez, Jose Mendez, Gavino Mendoza, Paola Mercado, Yesica Moreno, Martha Nava, Desteny Ochoa, Lorena Ojeda, Braulio Padron, Jesus Parra, Noel Perez, Janelly Perez, Alexis Perez, Ricardo Sanchez, Martha Sanchez, Bryan Santos, Jaileen Silerio, Estefania Torres, Zully Trevino, Rose Urive, Christian Valencia, Odalys Venegas, Kimberly Yanez.

                This year, Mission CISD will have approximately 165 high school students participating in graduation ceremonies at STC after earning various profession certifications and degrees.

                Pictured are the MCHS students who will be participating in graduation ceremonies at STC on May 15 after they picked up their cap and gowns.

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