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Mission CISD Receives CPR Kits from McAllen Heart Hospital

Mission, Texas, October 31, 2017- Mission Collegiate High School students receive a brand new CPR Kit that has been donated by McAllen Heart Hospital. The CEO of McAllen Heart Hospital, Daniel Caldwell,  presented the kit to the students and administrators in attendance. A total of nine CPR Kits were donated and will be distributed to the secondary schools.

“The money we raised this year with the American Heart Association….we all decided to put that towards CPR kits and and see if we could put them in the hands of people that could make better use of them,” said Caldwell. “We couldn’t think of any better place than the school districts.”

The students were able to explore the kit and discovered the many learning possibilities it contained. Students currently have three CPR manikins and the additional ten will greatly aid their CPR training course. The CPR Kits are easy to use, portable, reusable and can accommodate training for 10-20 students at one time.  

Dr. Ricardo López, MCISD Superintendent, thanked Daniel Caldwell and McAllen Heart Hospital for their donation of the CPR Kits and told him that he was pleased for what they do,  not only do they saves lives,  but they are also invested in educating kids.

The kits contain a total of 10 Mini Anne Plus inflatable manikins and storage bags with many additional components. The kit even comes with a 5 practice-while -watching training DVD’s, facilitator guide, and facilitator binder with lessons and tests. This will aid in having more students gain the knowledge and the hands on experience needed for CPR training.

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