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RCJH CyberCavs Ready for Championship Meet

RCJH CyberCavs Ready for Championship Meet

  The First Tech Challenge (FTC) which consists of ongoing tournaments beginning in November, both the TESLA and BELL Leagues teams have completed 3 meets a piece to accumulate points for their own Divisions (Leagues). CyberCavs#2 took 3rd place in the BELL Tournament while CyberCavs took 1st place in the TESLA Tournament.

 The next meet, which is the championship meet which will determine ranks and alliances is scheduled for Saturday, January 27, 2018. This is event will take place throughout the day at Alton Memorial Jr. High. TESLA is scheduled to compete in the A.M. and BELL is scheduled for the P.M. on this day.

  Robotics Coaches whom have made this Robotics Program possible at RCJH are: Daniel "Danny" Reyna, Catalina Gomez, Laura Alvarez, and Manuel "Marc" Villarreal. A special thank you to Dr. Roberts and her staff, along with RCJH administration that have made this program such a success.

Bell League Team (CyberCavs#2) - Currently 2nd Rank Position Overall for BELL League

Joaquin Alvarez (8th Grade), Alberto Montes (8th Grade), Kayla Del Angel (8th Grade), Nyleen Canizalez (8th Grade), Gabriel Salinas (7th Grade), Julie Rodriguez (7th Grade), Ian Mata Arteaga (7th Grade) and Arely Espinoza (7th Grade).

TESLA League Team (CyberCavs) - Currently 4th Rank Position Overall for TESLA League

Manuel Salinas-Patino (8th Grade), Joel Quijada (8th Grade), Gael Garcia (8th Grade), Salim Guizar Servin (8th Grade), Pedro Rojas (8th Grade), Kendrick Torres (8th Grade), and Jorge Villasana (8th Grade).


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