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Castro Elementary Committed to Parent Leadership Program

Castro Elementary administration and staff is committed to helping develop a new program for parents called the Parent Leadership Academy through Parenting Partners. This program focuses in providing parents with information and tools that can help them better understand their child’s needs. Parenting Partners is an initiative that was implemented in all the elementary schools last year through the Parental Involvement Program.


This year,  is the second year for this program but the first year in which they have a graduating class. A total of ten parents participated in the program and all of them have a better understanding of how to help their son or daughter be more  successful in academics and in life.


“I found this academy very helpful and I’m very happy that I attended,” said Cinthia Cabrera, Parent Leadership Academy graduate. “The information provided can help parents better understand and communicate with their children. Sometimes we need help on how to parent more effectively and this program provided us with the essential information to be able to do just that.”


The Parent Leadership Academy consists of attending class one night a week for one hour during a period of eight weeks. These parents demonstrated their commitment by attending class every week. Several topics were covered throughout the course that were essential such as;  tools that allowed parents to better help their child in their educational setting, there were also group discussions in which parents helped each other through similar situations, and role playing exercises provide insight that could help parents in the future. 


“The program is extremely beneficial because we learned the effective way to be a parent,” Amy Garcia, Parent Leadership Academy graduate. “We find solutions to issues and we build our children up to be successful. I would really would encourage other parents to attend these classes because it provides them with tools that can help them as parents.”


The other elementary campuses have also been celebrating their graduates at the completion of their eight week program. For more information on Parenting Partners contact Nancy Villarreal, MCISD F.A.C.E. Coordinator at (956) 323-5350.


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