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MCISD Athletes Receive Awards at Area 1 Special Olympics Basketball Competition

Mission CISD competed in the Area 1-Special Olympics Texas Basketball Competition on Saturday, February 17, 2018 held at Sharyland Pioneer High School.  A total of 47 athletes competed, interacted, and cheered along with twenty-one other schools and agencies from around the region.

   The competition was broken down into two events: Basketball Individuals Skills and Team Competition.  For the individual skills competition the athletes performed a timed 10-meter dribble, a target pass drill, and a spot shooting drill.  As for the team competition, there were 8 teams total and competed in a round robin tournament.

Individuals Skills Competition results are as follows:

Mission High School

Vianney Campos (1st Place), Marcus Eguia (3rd Place), Brandon Garza (2nd Place), Carlos A. Gutierrez (1st Place), Ramiro Olivarez (1st Place), Jaqueline Porcayo (3rd Place), Adrian Rodriguez (3rd Place), Raylene Vela (2nd Place), and Ana Villarreal (1st Place), Noah Flores (1st Place), and Jesus Trejo (4th Place).

Veteran’s Memorial High School

Emily Gonzalez (2nd Place), Cesario Pena (1st Place), Sally Trevino (3rd Place), and Jazmin Villanueva (3rd Place), Deah Marmolejo (3rd Place), Alfonso Sanchez (3rd Place), and Kevin Cab (1st Place).

Mission Jr. High School

Yulitza Mendoza (2nd Place), Jamilee Hernandez (1st Place), Shila Gomez (1st Place), Arely Lopez (3rd Place), Mark Carrasco (3rd Place), Angel Rivera (3rd Place), and Stephanie Gomez (2nd Place).

Ralph Cantu Jr. High School

Leonardo Marroquin (2nd Place), Emiliano Ramos (2nd Place), Jose Luis Dominguez (3rd Place), Gerardo Obregon (2nd Place), and Valerie Longoria (2nd Place).

Kenneth White Jr. High School

Jacklyn Bernal (2nd Place), Blas Rodriguez (2nd Place), and Jose De Jesus Dominguez (1st Place).


Team Competition (5-on-5 Tournament):

The MCISD team received 3rd Place in their bracket and consisted of players from Mission High School, Veterans Memorial High School, and J-White Jr. High.

   #53- Sebastian Llamas (VMHS)

   #4- Hector Sanchez (VMHS)

   #63- Armando Sanchez (MHS)

   #9- Frankie Villalobos (MHS)

   #1- Javier Patino (MHS)

   #21- Bryan Arrellano (VMHS)

   #5- Julian Rodriguez (K-White Jr. High)

   #12- Joel Bravo (MHS)

   #10- Ashley De La Rosa (MHS)

   #7- Jesus Torres (VMHS)

   #15- Hayleen Pena (VMHS)

   #6 – Nicolas Juarez (VMHS)

   #22- Pedro Trevino (VMHS)

   #25- Ethan Linares (VMHS)

   Out due to injury (Emanuel Casas & Clifford Wheat from MHS)


On behalf of our Mission CISD Special Olympics staff, we would like to thank every teacher, principal, support staff, and parent that contributed to the success of our athletes.

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