group of students singing at the convocation

MCISD students Raise their Books for Texas Reading Initiative

MCISD students along with other students throughout the state raised their books for the Texas Reads One Book initiative on Monday, April 16, 2018. Dallas Cowboys Coach Jason Garett read the first chapter of “The Mouse and the Motorcycle” by Beverly Cleary via pre-recorded message while students read along with their books. Elementary campuses also invited parents to come in and read with their children to encourage them to read alongside their children. This type of activity helps create a culture of literacy not only at school but at home and throughout the community.

This book is about a young mouse named Ralph who is thrown into a world of excitement when a young boy and his shiny motorcycle check in to the Mountain View Inn. This is where the adventure begins, Ralph becomes curious about Keith’s red toy motorcycle and vows to ride it. Just when the opportunity presents itself, he takes advantage and makes his move. While Ralph rides the motorcycle at high speeds he encounters various obstacles and with Keith looking out for him, there is nothing he can’t handle.  

All students received a copy of the book from the district in order to continue to promote literacy at school, home and within the community. Here are a few tips on how to make reading fun:

  1. Read the right books. (appropriate reading level)
  2. Let kids choose their own books. (books that interests them)
  3. Go beyond the traditional book. (audio books on iPad or Kindle)
  4. Create a totally awesome reading area. (cool rugs, lamps, posters, etc.)
  5. Be a little naughty. (stay up a little late to read, let child move while reading –jump on

          trampoline, sit on exercise ball, or hula hoop and read.)            

  1. Don’t ignore the elephant. (if child needs reading help, it’s ok to seek tutoring)

So, grab your book and start reading!

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