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Mission CISD standardized dress required at elementary and junior high schools

The Board of Trustees has adopted standardized dress policies for students in grades PK-5, and for junior high school students. There may be color and style variations from campus to campus, therefore parents should contact their child’s prospective school for details on the standardized dress requirements for their school.


The main purpose behind the standardized dress code is to improve student self-image, improve student discipline and focus on school work, increase the student’s sense of belonging and school pride/spirit, as well as increase the safety and security at the campuses.


This following illustrates some of the clothing that is and is not acceptable at Mission CISD schools.  It is a general guide and does not represent the entire Dress Code. For the dress code policy and a more complete list of acceptable attire please log on to


Bare midriffs

Spaghetti straps, halter tops

Tank tops, muscle shirts

Un-tucked shirts

Form-fitting pants (gr. 6-12)





Steel toed shoes/boots



Head gear (caps, hats, skullcaps, etc.)

Oversized, ill-fitting pants/clothing


Ear piercings only

Appropriate tops

Dress/skirt no shorter than 2” above the knees



Neat hair

Shirt, tucked in

Pants at waist

Appropriate shoes

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