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Students Learn Safety and Emergency Procedures aboard the Bus

Mission CISD transportation department has been conducting bus safety and emergency procedures presentations throughout the district. A team of bus drivers provide this essential information to the students every year during the month of October to coincide with National Bus Safety Week (Oct. 22 – 26, 2018).


“Similar trainings used to be required by the state,” explained Carlos Lerma, director of transportation. “While that requirement ended a few years ago, we felt the presentations were important enough to continue with them.”


The training continues to be in the forefront for the district along with the transportation department for all students because at one time or another they may have to travel on a bus. Students travel for extra-curricular activities, field trips, and to and from home. Providing students with this information will prepare them for any type of emergency.


According to Lerma, he believes that by providing these trainings to students, the information may become second nature to them and will limit panic, should there be an actual emergency while on the bus.


The presentation consists of several topics such as; bus safety rules, how to use all emergency exits and doors, what to do in case the driver becomes incapacitated, how to operate the emergency brake, how to use a radio to call for help, how to use the fire extinguisher and first aid kit. The transportation department is confident the presentations provide students with the information needed for a variety of different situations or emergencies.

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