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MCISD gives students an opportunity to explore the outdoors

The Outdoor Adventures course has been in full swing since last semester and this class was an addition to the district PE curriculum. This course was created to offer students another option in physical education and still attain their one credit for graduation. Students at the three high schools are excited about it because it will help them learn several outdoor skills such as archery, camping, fishing, kayaking, outdoor cooking, and many others.


“This is the first time I have ever taken a class like this and I think it is really fun,” said Mareli Armijo (MCHS 9th grade student). “There are several activities we are doing but my favorite one is archery because we learn coordination.”


Mission High School’s Alexander Cavazos (sophomore), signed up for this course for the hunting, archery and fishing. He said his grandfather taught him how to fish but says there is still much he can learn through this course.


“The one thing that surprised me about fishing is when we were preparing to put the weights on our line and selecting which one is best, I learned that the number is the actual weight and not the size of the fishing weight,” states Cavazos.


Coach Denise Rosales teaches this course at Mission Collegiate High School and her ultimate goal is to have students become lifelong learners of recreational activities. Many are interested in courses like Outdoor Adventures because a lot of people in South Texas enjoy this type of activities.


Veterans Memorial High School student, Katheryn Keller (freshman), is looking forward to this semester because they will be learning some fun and interesting skills.


“The different activities offered is my reason for enrolling in this class,” said Keller. “I find the activities really interesting such as archery and fishing. I like the outdoors and growing up with my family, we would always go hunting or fishing. I am excited about the cooking portion of this class this semester.”


For more information on this course please contact the district P.E. /Health Coordinator, Martina Carrillo at (956) 323-5428 or your local high school.*

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