Parent Responsibilities

  • Make sure that your child is ready to board when the bus arrives. Delays in boarding will result in other students being picked up late and repeated violations of this policy may result in a temporary or permanent suspension of service for your child.
  • Be at home or have a designated responsible person there when your child is scheduled to arrive from school. If you have an emergency and you or a responsible person cannot be at home for the arrival of your child, it is your duty to notify the school and advise them.
  • Alternate drop-off locations will not be allowed and students will need to use their designated stops as shown on maps.
  • Discuss the transportation rules, regulations, and appropriate behaviors with your child. Your child is subject to the district's Student Code of Conduct while riding an M.C.I.S.D school bus. *Remember that School buses are an extension of the classroom.*
  • If your child is not allowed to ride the bus, due to certain circumstances, please do not have them wait at the designated stop.
  • Notify your child's campus immediately if there are any changes to you personal circumstances (i.e. address change, telephone contact numbers, and alternate address information). This information is extremely important for the welfare and safety of your child.