Student Loading and Unloading Rules

The Mission Independent School District provides transportation services to eligible students to attend their assigned campuses. Transportation is a privilege, and students are required to obey appropriate safety and conduct rules to remain eligible for transportation services. Students are responsible for contributing to the safe operation of the school bus – not detracting from it!

Students are expected to know and follow bus rules in the following areas:

Before Loading the Bus
  • Arrive at your designated stop at least ten minutes prior to your scheduled pick-up time. MCISD will not send a bus back to your designated stop due to tardiness.
  • Be careful in the loading area. Wait in an orderly, single line for the bus to arrive and avoid horseplay. Stay out of the street or bus stop while waiting for the bus to arrive.
  • Approach the bus entrance only after the bus has come to a complete stop. Pushing or shoving while boarding the bus will not be tolerated.
After Loading the Bus
  • Obey the bus driver’s directions.
  • Go to the closest available seat or to your assigned seat and stay seated until you arrive at your destination. The bus driver may assign you a seat if need be if it is in the best interest of student safety.
  • Speak in a classroom voice. Loud speech or laughter causes distractions for the driver. Rough-housing or horseplay on the bus will not be allowed and may result in a loss of transportation privileges.
  • Keep the bus litter free. No food or drinks may be consumed on the bus.
  • Buses are the property of MCISD. If you cause any damage to or vandalize an MCISD bus, you and your parent or guardian will be financially responsible, and you may permanently lose your transportation privileges.
  • Never throw an object inside or out of the bus. Keep all parts of your body (head, hands, and arms) inside the bus at all times.
  • Observe the rules of good conduct and show courtesy to everyone. The use of profane language, rude gestures, or malicious behavior toward the bus driver, a fellow passenger, or another motorist will not be tolerated and may result in loss of your transportation privileges.
  • For the safety of all passengers, aisles must be kept clear of all objects such as books, backpacks, musical instruments, packages, and coats.
  • Items which are prohibited on school grounds may not be taken on an MCISD school bus, such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or weapons.
All provisions of the MCISD Code of Student Conduct apply to students when being transported by MCISD transportation services. Violations of the MCISD Code of Student Conduct while on an MCISD school bus will be referred to the appropriate campus administrator for disciplinary action.
Conduct violations may result in a temporary or possibly permanent loss of a student's transportation privileges!

Unloading the Bus
  • If you live on the right side (bus exit side) of the street, leave the bus and walk in a direction in which you can be seen by the driver.
  • If you live on the left side of the street (across the street from the bus), let the bus driver know and he or she will cross you to the other side of the street. Failure to do so may also result in loss of Transportation privileges. Stop and look in both directions to see if it is safe before proceeding across the street. Never cross the street behind the bus!
For your safety, you may ride only in your assigned bus, and you will be able to only get off at your assigned stop. Be sure to follow the directions of the driver. Your safety is our primary mission!