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Be a Germ Genius-Outsmart the Virus (COVID-19)

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Mission CISD is addressing the emerging and shifting concerns regarding COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) in many way and will continue to focus on providing as a healthy school environment as possible for our students and staff and support our communities in outsmarting the virus. Through this page, we plan to share facts, tips, resources, and other communications relating to COVID-19 and our efforts to support our communities. Mission CISD is committed to working with our area health officials and relying on their expertise throughout. 
Trusted sources:
Parent Letters and Other Announcements/Information
Handwashing- When and how...and when to use hand sanitizer.
The extra layer of protection as we disinfect facilities and buses. 
Video- Joint district/cities town hall on COVID-19, March 12, 2020
Video- What are the signs and symptoms?
Video- Social media and misinformation.
Video- How can I avoid catching it?
Video- Handwashing, what you need to know.