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Mission CISD has been leading the way in college and career readiness in Western Hidalgo County for many years by offering children education and enrichment that no area charter school or private school can match. This includes full-day PreK-3 and full-day PreK-4 programs. We are introducing new options for elementary education in the Mission area and also redefining early childhood education through our partnership with Fueling Brains and their Ready Set Grow program. 90% of a child’s brain is developed by the age of 5 years. We are prepared to make the most of those critical years for a child’s development while also supporting behavioral, socio-emotional, and cognitive development that provides the best foundation for a child’s future. The six Fueling Brains Academies also offer before-school and after-school enrichment daycare services. The Fueling Brains Academies are located at Alton Elementary, Cavazos Elementary, Midkiff Elementary, Leal Elementary, Escobar/Rios Elementary, Cantu Elementary.
In ensuring the child's complete development, our schools have focused on instilling healthy habits that have earned them the honor of being named among the "Healthiest Schools in America" by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.
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Out-of-district transfers are always welcomed! Out-of-district transfers for our Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 programs will also be welcome if their siblings are also enrolled in our district.
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Alton Elementary
Bryan Elementary
Cantu Elementary
Cpt Jaoquin Castro
Cavazos Elementary
Escobar/Rios Elementary
Leal Elementary
Marcell Elementary
Midkiff Elementary
Mims Elementary
O'Grady Elementary
Pearson Elementary
Salinas Elementary
Waitz Elementary