Employee Benefits, Payroll, Risk Management


Our mission is to provide comprehensive benefits, services and programs to eligible employees and their dependents which:

1. Meet and anticipate their individual needs;
2. Assure the District’s competitiveness with other employers to attract and retain employees;
3. Maximize cost effectiveness; and,
4. Assure optimal health and productivity of employees.


1. Provide ongoing equitable benefits based on legal requirements, eligibility, and District policies.
2. Collaborate with employees to assure that selected benefits programs and services are responsive to their needs.
3. Communicate benefits information to employees which enables them to tailor coverage to meet their needs.
4. Explore alternate or additional benefits and financial structures that maximize affordable coverage.
5. Represent employees and dependents in their efforts to resolve benefit problems with external providers.
6. Provide health and fitness programs and activities that improve employee health and promote well-being.
7. Provide sound fiscal and contract management of benefits programs.