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#TSPRA14 Scavenger Hunt

  • Enter by tweeting the following: “I am a #tsprascavenger #tspra14”
  • Visit a TSPRA member’s district web site and tweet a positive attribute to the site, including the #tspra14 hashtag
  • Pick up your favorite publication from the document exchange and tweet a picture of it, also using the #tspra14 hashtag.
  • Find your favorite (or any) TSPRA Executive Board member or staff member and post a selfie of you and them to Instagram with the #tspra14 hashtag. Must include the board/staff member name also.
  • Live tweet one session, minimum 4 tweets during a 90 minute session each with the #tspra14 hashtag
  • Post a selfie with a vendor on Instagram, include the vendor representative’s name and company twitter-handle (if they have one) or company name, and include the #tspra14 hashtag
  • Find a TSPRA past-president and tweet what they feel is the best advice for a new school PR person, with the #tspra14 hashtag.

First person to complete all the tasks successfully wins! First prize is a Jawbone Jambox donated by ESTGroup. Once you have completed all items, have someone at the registration desk contact a member of the Social Media committee to confirm your win. Prizes for second and third place, also!