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Welcome to the Social Studies Department 
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Our mission in the Mission C.I.S.D. social studies department is to create a K-12th grade academic program which will educate students so that they will act responsibly as members of a democratic society. It is our goal to design and execute a dynamic, student-centered, social studies curriculum framework that links today’s classroom with the past, and the future 
Students in the social studies program will develop an understanding and appreciation of the contributions that diverse civilizations and cultures have made throughout history and the impact that they have had on the development of democratic ideals. Students will study Political, Economic, Religious, Social, Intellectual and Artistic issues that have shaped the world our students live in today.
In addition, our students will be challenged by actively participating in the democratic process, honoring cultural diversity, utilizing literature and technology, promoting research, developing decision making skills, incorporating strategies for reading, interpreting data, and examining geographic, historical, cultural, and economic situations through a variety of experiences and activities.
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MCISD History Expo 2018-2019
Thank you to all of the teachers, students, and staff who made our annual History Expo a success!  Our students are working hard to be college-ready!

  Today in History      

February 14th, 1920

The League of Women Voters was founded.

February 15th, 1898

USS Maine blew up in Havana harbor, touching off the Spanish-American War.

February 16th, 1804

U.S. frigate Philadelphia, captured and held by Barbary pirates at Tripoli during the Tripolitan War, was set fire to and destroyed by a small group of men led by Stephen Decatur.

February 17th, 1801

The electoral tie between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr was broken by the House of Representatives who elected Jefferson president.

February 18th, 1885

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain was published.

February 19th, 1942

President Franklin Roosevelt signed an executive order that resulted in the internment of thousands of Japanese-Americans living on the West Coast.

February 20th, 1792

President George Washington signed the Post Office Act, establishing a permanent Post Office Department.