Welcome to the Payroll Department, a Division of Finance & Operations.
The Payroll Department is responsible for the preparation and distribution of monthly, biweekly, substitute payroll and related employee benefits.
Mission Statement:
Provide timely and world class service while extending payroll expertise to all Mission CISD employees.

Mission CISD recognizes the value in all our employees.  In all our efforts we are people driven and maintain a focus on accountability and results to realize the potential in all our employees who support the learning neeeds of students.
Every employee's job is important to our mission.  We urge all employees to look at their jobs objectively for opportunities to work effectively and efficiently and improve quality.  We support each employee by focusing on solutions to obstacles that have the potential to impede our goal of success for all, and we welcome employee suggestions for improvement, wherever that may be.
The payroll staff is responsible for paying employees according to the salary schedule set by the Board of Trustees through our Human Resources Department.  We also ensure deductions are made for TRS, Withholding and Medicare.  We take insurance deductions that employees have purchased, medical, dental, life for employee, spouse, child, dependent care, medical reimbursement, vision, accident, critical illness, whole life, cancer and hospital.  We also take annuities, teacher organization dues, child support and wage garnishment for student loans.
Assist employees in updating/changing direct deposit information, W-4, login into employee website to acquire check stubs.  We complete verification of employment forms for mortgage companies, child care, Texas Health and Human Services, Attorney General Child Support Division, disability, etc.
Assist the Secretary/Payroll Clerks on campus to turn in timesheets, supplemental pays, maintain Aesop reports etc.
We also transfer and wire money, submit TRS, IRS reports.
We make sure we balance our accounts on a monthly basis.
We strive for excellence to meet or exceed the expectations of Mission CISD  through continuous process improvement of our services and resources.
Employees are welcome to come by the Payroll Department. 
Our office hours are 8:00 a.m-12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday  
If you have any questions please contact us at:
Mission CISD
1201 Bryce Drive
Mission, TX 78572
Phone:  956-323-5521
Fax:       956-323-8171