Federal Grants

Mission CISD has applied for and been awarded multiple federal grants. All federal grants are administered in accordance with the federal grant regulations, also known as EDGAR and the district's State and Federal Grants Manual. 


Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Grant Application - 2021-2022 Entitlements are broken down by the following eligible programs:


Title I – Part A Program: $8,912,295


The purpose of our Title I program is to improve the academic achievement of economically disadvantaged students. Funding helps ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high quality education and reach proficiency on challenging state academic achievement standards and assessments. We currently have school wide programs at each campus; at least 40 percent of our student population at each campus is considered low-income. All services provided are research-based and approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

Services consist of tutoring, curriculum material, and staff development. Funds assist to pay teachers, counselors, and teacher aides that directly work with the disadvantaged students.


Title I – Part C Migrant Program: $194,731


The purpose of our Migrant program is to assist the student academic performance for migrant students. Funding helps ensure that we support high-quality and comprehensive educational programs for migratory children to help reduce the educational disruptions and other problems that result from repeated moves. Migratory children are provided with appropriate educational services (including support services) that address their special needs in a coordinated and efficient manner. The programs are designed to help the students overcome cultural and language barriers, social isolation, various health-related problems, and to prepare such children to make a successful transition to post secondary education or employment.

Services consist of tutoring programs, school supplies, clothing, back-to-school success projects, academic workshops, credit accrual for secondary students, and a Migrant Summer Programs.


Title II – Part A Teacher/Principal Training: $969,643


The purpose of our Teacher/Principal training program is to increase student academic achievement through strategies that improve teacher and principal quality and increase the number of highly effective teachers in the classroom, highly effective principals and assistant principals in schools.

Services consist of district staff development, campus-need staff development, reimbursement of ESL Certification, and collaborating with Human Resources Department for the recruitment of Highly Effective staff.


Title III – Language Instruction for English Learners (EL): $550,276


The purpose of our ELL/Recent Immigrant program is to improve the education of limited English proficient children by assisting the children to learn English and meet challenging state academic content and achievement standards. We use approaches and methodologies based on scientifically based research on teaching limited English proficient and immigrant students by developing and implementing new language instructional educational programs.

Services consist of meeting the needs of our ELL population by providing a Bilingual/ESL program, Dual Language program at the elementary level, district parental meetings, and English as a Second Language program for parents. We also offer summer language academies. 


Title IV, Part A - Student Support and Academic Enrichment: $662,980

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as reauthorized by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015, established Title IV, Part A, the Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant Program (SSAE). The overarching goal of Title IV, Part A, is to increase the capacity of state education agencies, local educational agencies (LEAs), campuses, and communities to meet the following three goals:

  1. Provide all students access to a well-rounded education
  2. Improve academic outcomes by maintaining safe and healthy students 
  3. Improve the use of technology to advance student academic achievement
Services consist of Campus LPCs for social/mental health support for students, enrichment support in the areas of Fine Arts and Health/PE, and ensuring a safe learning environment.