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FaCE Campus Contacts

FaCE Liaisons
A FaCE (Family and Community Engagement) liaison is a person that assists in communications between parents and the school systems. They work in schools to support education and community-outreach services and provide information to parents of participating students.
The chief goal of the FaCE liaison is to ensure that information flows steadily and effectively
between the school system and the parents of students. The liaison can provide parents with information on policies and procedures. This may include holding regularly scheduled meetings or informational sessions for parents.
Primary Liaison Name Phone Email
Alton  Elizabeth Vasquez 323-7600
Bryan Shary Ann Trevino 323-4800
Cantu Daisy Vasquez 323-7400
Castro Sylvia Vela 323-6800
Cavazos Erica Guerra 323-7200
Escobar-Rios Cristina Guerra 323-8400
Leal Rose Gonzalez 323-4600
Marcell Josie Ybarra 323-6400
Midkiff Claudia Rangel 323-7000
Mims Sandra Ornelas 323-4400
O'Grady Leticia Castro 323-4200
Pearson Miriam Tijerina  323-4000
Salinas Natalia Pina 323-6200
Waitz Anita Gonzalez 323-6600
Secondary Liaison Name Phone  Email
AMJH Miguel Moreno 323-5000
KWJH Anita Rodriguez 323-3600
MJH Diana Mangrum 323-3300
RCJH Belma Munoz 323-7800
High School Liaison Name Phone  Email
MCHS Veronica Cepeda 323-8600
MHS Dalila Cervantes 323-5700
VMHS Anna Garcia 323-3000