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Physical Education & Health Department
Mission CISD HPE Teachers are on top of things providing lessons for students to do in our Department. Teachers will be incorporating a google classroom for students to collaborate with them. There is also a 4 week activity lessons calendar starting Monday-March 30 for students. Teachers may incorporate extra activities and expectations as well. Every teacher has an email so please put effort on contacting them. Check out our HPE REMOTE LEARNING page to get further information. Our friends from the Alliance For A Healthier Generation have also submitted to us Resources to use. On behalf of all our HPE Teachers-STAY ACTIVE, BE HEALTHY, BE SAFE, as we look forward to seeing you again!
Any further questions please feel free to contact me:
Martina Carrillo-District HPE Coordinator;

Mission/Vision Statement


Mission CISD Health and Physical Education Departments goal is to educate students to become lifelong learners of health and wellness. Our students will learn that leading a sedentary lifestyle and having poor eating habits can contribute to developing chronic illnesses like Diabetes, Obesity, etc. The major focus will be for our students to learn that along with making good Healthy choices and developing good Healthy behaviors, leading an active lifestyle and putting into practice proper nutrition and exercise habits is the key to lifetime fitness.

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