Open Market (Miscellaneous) Purchases

Campus/Departments may also make limited purchases from sources not awarded a District  bid or contracts or covered by exceptions or special procedures when such purchase would be in the best interest of the District. The Purchasing Department may request justification of use of this method prior to purchase approval.


Using this method, purchase requests valued up to $1,000 need at a minimum a written documented quote.  Purchase requests valued at $1,000 but less than $20,000 need at a minimum three written documented competitive quotes.


Quote requests valued at greater than $20,000 must be in a written request for quotations containing specific, clear and concise requirements be provided to prospective vendors. This procedure helps assure that all vendors receive the same information regarding the requirement. Quotations received should be signed by an authorized representative of the vendor. Faxes may be used to receive quotations. Only written quotes on company letterhead will be accepted.


Recommendation of quotes based on lowest price must be documented on the District’s Quote Tabulation Form. Justifications for recommendations other than lowest price must be documented on an Evaluation Matrix Form. Copies of original quotes and either copy of the recommendations forms must be submitted to the Purchasing Department. All documentation relating to these purchases should be kept on file by the requestor.


Purchase requests valued between $20,000 up to $50,000 need at a minimum three documented competitive quotes from vendors. These quotes will be solicited directly by the Purchasing Department. Quotation information will be forwarded to the requesting campus/department for approval of purchase recommendation.


Some purchases may be exempt from these guidelines such as; groceries, food, flowers, restaurants, etc., please contact the Purchasing office for guidance.