Purchase Process Exceptions

Produce and Fuel

There is an exception for produce and fuel that allows the District to use any method listed in Texas Educational Code 44.031for these purchases.


Professional Services

An exception applies to professional services as defined under Government Code, Section 2254.003. These services include, but are not limited to, professionals such as attorneys, architects, fiscal agents, or licensed medical professionals. Contracts for professional services are not procured through competitive bids. Rather such services are chosen through a process of selection involving the review of professional qualifications.


Sole Source Exception

See Sole Source Firms


Emergency Purchases

Emergency purchases are allowed to meet urgent and unexpected requirements where health and public safety or the conservation of public resources is at risk. Though emergency purchases are sometimes exempt from competitive bidding, efforts should be made to obtain Best Value.. Emergency purchases valued over $50,000 must be approved by the Superintendent. Emergency purchases less than $50,000.00 must be approved by the Assistant Superintendent of Finance or the Purchasing Coordinator. When a department is in need of an emergency purchase, a requisition should be prepared, explaining the reasons for the emergency, and a list of the goods an/or services needed. End user should provide a recommended vendor who can provide the goods or services when possible.