Fund Balance

The general fund balance is crucial to a school district's financial management strategy. It represents the difference between the District's revenues and expenses and provides a safety net for unexpected expenses, economic downturns, and emergencies. Maintaining an appropriate general fund balance is essential to ensure the District's financial stability, maintain credit ratings, and avoid budget deficits.
In Texas, the state education code provides guidelines for school districts regarding the minimum and maximum levels of general fund balance that should be maintained. According to the Texas Education Agency (TEA), the recommended minimum general fund balance equals two months of operating expenses, while the maximum should not exceed 12 months of operating expenses.
At Mission CISD, we follow these guidelines to maintain a healthy general fund balance. We carefully monitor our budget, revenue, and expenses to ensure our general fund balance remains within the recommended range. This allows us to plan for the future, provide stability to our District, and ensure we can meet our financial obligations and commitments.
In addition to maintaining an appropriate general fund balance, we strive to be transparent and accountable to our community. We provide regular reports and updates on our general fund balance and financial status, ensuring that our taxpayers know how their resources are being used to support our schools and students.
Overall, the general fund balance is a critical factor in the financial management of Mission CISD. By following the recommended guidelines and maintaining a healthy general fund balance, we can ensure our District's financial stability and success for years to come.