Adopted Budget

Each year, the District diligently submits the budgets for the General Operating Fund and Debt Service Fund to the Board of Trustees for approval, adhering to the stringent requirements outlined in the Texas Education Code and guidelines provided by the Texas Education Agency's Financial Accountability Systems Resource Guide. The proposed budget, meticulously presented at the function level, undergoes a public hearing and must receive Board adoption before June 30, signifying the conclusion of the fiscal year.
Following the Board's approval, appropriation amounts are meticulously recorded in the District's accounting system, marking the commencement of vigilant monitoring of expenditures and encumbrances against the sanctioned budget. This meticulous process ensures transparent financial management and adherence to approved fiscal allocations.
Proposed Budget
Budget Book
Adopted Budgets
For further inquiries or additional information, please contact our Finance Department at (956) 323-5515.