Capital Outlay

Mission CISD is committed to advancing learning environments and promoting student success through a strategic capital outlay strategy. Our investments in facility upgrades positively impact student outcomes, staff morale, and community engagement.
Well-maintained and modern facilities, supported by capital outlay projects, are pivotal in enhancing student attendance, academic achievement, and overall well-being. The district reaffirms its commitment to safe, efficient, and inclusive learning environments by addressing maintenance needs, upgrading facilities, and accommodating the student population.
Mission CISD allocates funds for capital outlay projects, such as indoor air quality improvements, security vestibules, and athletic facilities, demonstrating responsible financial management by funding projects through savings rather than acquiring bonds. These investments go beyond educational benefits, positively impacting the local economy by enhancing property values, attracting new businesses, and fostering a more welcoming community.
The district actively pursues various projects funded through multiple sources, focusing on construction, renovations, and improvements to enhance district facilities. Current and upcoming projects include indoor air quality enhancements, security vestibules, and facility upgrades across multiple campuses.
Completed construction projects feature synthetic turf fields, field events facilities, playground installations, and Child Nutrition freezer facilities at various schools. In conclusion, Mission CISD's capital outlay investments are crucial for ensuring students access modern, safe, and efficient learning environments that support academic success. These investments exemplify responsible financial management and contribute to local economic growth and development.
For further inquiries or additional information, please contact our Finance Department at (956) 323-5515.