Financial Summary

Mission CISD is primarily funded by state and local sources, with some additional funding from federal programs. The Foundation School Program (FSP) is Texas' school finance system and provides a certain amount of funding per student, with additional funding for students who need extra support. The amount of state funding Mission CISD receives is determined by a formula that considers factors such as enrollment, property values, and student demographics.
Local funds for Mission CISD come from property taxes levied by the school district, with the amount of revenue generated varying based on the property values in the District. Each school district sets its tax rate subject to certain state restrictions.
Mission CISD may also receive funding from federal sources, such as grants and programs like Title I, which provides funding for schools with high percentages of low-income students.
The amount of funding per student in Mission CISD is impacted by various factors, including the District's overall budget, the number of students enrolled, and their demographics. It's important to note that funding per student can vary significantly between Texas school districts based on property values, demographics, and local tax rates.
Overall, Mission CISD's funding comes from a combination of state, local, and federal sources, with the amount per student varying based on various factors. 
Financial Summary for the year ended June 30, 2022
Average Daily Attendance (ADA): 12,269.620