Compensation Plan

Mission CISD, serving the City of Mission, City of Palmhurst, City of Alton, and surrounding areas, prioritizes the crucial role teachers play in delivering quality education. We are deeply committed to attracting and retaining top talent, offering an above-market-average teacher salary compared to regional standards.
In addition to competitive pay, Mission CISD provides a comprehensive benefits package encompassing health insurance and retirement benefits. Recognizing the pivotal link between teacher well-being, their success, and student achievement, we prioritize a holistic approach to educator support.
Actively participating in the state-funded Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA), Mission CISD rewards effective teaching in high-needs areas. This initiative further underscores our commitment to recognizing and retaining exceptional educators.
Understanding the importance of ongoing professional development, Mission CISD supports teachers with various initiatives, including tailored development opportunities. Our district's comprehensive approach underscores our dedication to providing a competitive compensation package and support measures, demonstrating our commitment to attracting and retaining quality teachers who are pivotal in shaping students' future success.
For further inquiries or additional information, please contact our Finance Department at (956) 323-5515.