Compensation Plan

Mission CISD is a prominent school district serving the city of Mission and its surrounding areas. It recognizes teachers' critical role in providing quality education to their students. The District is committed to attracting and retaining the best teachers by offering a competitive compensation package that aligns with market standards. Compared to the market median for teachers in Region One, the average teacher salary at Mission CISD rises above the competition.
In addition to a competitive salary, Mission CISD offers a comprehensive benefits package, including health insurance, retirement, and other benefits. The District understands that investing in its teachers' well-being is crucial to their success and, ultimately, to the success of its students.
Mission CISD also actively participates in the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA), a state-funded program designed to provide incentives for effective teaching in high-needs areas. The District recognizes the importance of recognizing and rewarding high-performing teachers and has implemented the TIA to support and retain its best teachers. The TIA program provides additional compensation to eligible teachers based on their effectiveness in the classroom, as determined by a locally developed teacher observation and evaluation system.
Mission CISD values its teachers and understands that ongoing professional development is essential to their success. The District has implemented several initiatives to support and retain its teachers, including professional development opportunities. Investing in their continued growth and development benefits teachers and students.
Overall, Mission CISD is committed to providing a competitive compensation package and support initiatives to attract and retain quality teachers. The District's efforts reflect its recognition of teachers' critical role in educating students and ensuring their future success.