Mission CISD employs a strategic approach to investing its funds in eligible financial instruments, including United States Treasury Bills and Texas state bonds, in accordance with the Texas Education Code. This tactical investment strategy aims to generate additional revenue, supporting vital initiatives such as teacher salaries, technology upgrades, and building maintenance.
In strict adherence to the Public Funds Investment Act and Local Government Investment Pool guidelines, the District prioritizes safety, liquidity, and diversification in its investment policy. This commitment safeguards against potential risks, ensuring a diligent and careful decision-making process.
Prudent investment practices mitigate risks and empower Mission CISD to offset funding shortfalls during state or federal fluctuations. Additionally, the District leverages investment earnings to complement its operating budget and fund specific educational projects aligned with its overarching goals.
Mission CISD's strategic investments are geared towards earning interest and generating revenue for critical initiatives. The District remains vigilant in its risk management efforts, aligning its investment strategy with relevant regulations to ensure a secure and impactful financial approach.
For further inquiries or additional information, please contact our Finance Department at (956) 323-5515.