Purchasing Process

Effective purchasing is a cooperative venture between the Purchasing Department and the campuses and departments within the District. The purpose of this site is to provide guidelines for those involved in the procurement process throughout the District.

The following guidelines are established based on State of Texas statutes, Federal Guidelines, and District policies CH(Legal) and CH (Local).


The Texas Education Code provides criminal penalties for persons who intentionally circumvent the purchasing contracts law by making split, separate, sequential, or component purchases. A District employee who purchases or orders any goods or services in the name of the District or who obligates the credit of the District without following the purchasing policies and procedures will be held personally responsible for payments to the vendors or the return of the items. (See Board Policy CH Local)

The budget authority granted to a Principal, Coordinator, or Director in no way authorizes them to execute contracts or make purchases in the name of the District.


Situations will undoubtedly arise which are not fully covered by these procedures. The Purchasing Department staff is available to discuss and/or assist in any special situations or needs and will facilitate a solution in the best interest of the students and staff of Mission CISD.


To make a purchase, the end user should follow the steps below:


Are the goods available through the District’s Warehouse?

This is the first consideration for securing the item. If the District has already purchased the item and it is stocked in the warehouse, the item should be ordered through a warehouse requisition.


Are the goods or services available through an awarded contract? 

Purchases - Awarded Contracts

The Purchasing Office has established a variety of awarded contracts covering many of the products and services required by campuses and departments. All relevant statute and policy requirements have been met by Purchasing in establishing these bids/contracts. Purchases can be made utilizing a purchase requisition. These contract types are primarily used:

  • Catalog (Benchmark)Contracts(e.g. Office Supplies)
  • Line Item Pricing Contracts ( Custodial, A/C Filters, etc.
Are the goods or services available through an interlocal cooperative agreement? 
Purchases - Awarded Cooperatives
The District has established several interlocal agreements with entities that, as allowed by law, can provide items and services for school districts. If the interlocal entity has competitively bid the item or service following the same requirements the District must follow, the item or service may be available through this method.
Are the goods or services available through one of our exception processes? 
Purchases - Exceptions
  • Sole Source Purchases
  • Walmart & HEB Purchases
  • School Bus Purchases
  • Produce and Fuel
  • Emergency Purchases
Are the goods or services available through one of our special procedures processes? 
Purchases - Special Purchases
  • Walmart & HEB Purchases
  • Meals, Food & Snacks
  • Purchasing Card Purchases
  • School Bus Purchases
  • Leases & Rentals

If the goods or services are not available through any of the processes above. The end user is to follow the steps below for making a purchase on the open market based on the final dollar amount of the purchase. See Open Market (Miscellaneous) Purchases.